She's like Twilight, in-between day and night

...now she's supernatural, yeah!

Giovanna Estacado
23 March 1987
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+ The name's Stefanie.

+ Spell it with a "ph" and I'll go berserk.

+ You can call me Stef, Aurelia, Kitana, or Giovanna.

+ My favorite type of Candy is Barcelona ;***

+ Fencer of four weapons: foil, epee, saber and single stick.

+ Hanson junkie to the extreme. Don't like? Tough shit.

+ Guitarist of five years, although I have been lax on this.

+ Writer of short stories with the hopes of becoming editor of a newspaper someday.

+ I draw a little too. People tell me I'm good, but that's not for me to decide.

+ I mountain bike. My Giant Boulder is nicknamed "Twitchy Lady".

+ You really have to know me to get me. Otherwise, you may take what I say completely wrong.

+ I can be bitter, angry, cynical and a complete bitch.

+ I am perfectly fine with that.

+ I have a morbid fascination with pain and horror.

+ I'm somewhat obsessive compulsive when it comes to certain things.

+ I have a foul mouth that can't be controlled when I'm angry.

+ I'm super shy and quiet in large crowds of people. This is sometimes mistaken for being stuck-up.

+ I can't help that sometimes. If you're talking to me, and I don't say alot, it just means that I don't know what to say.

+ Closed-minded people piss me off.

+ I love typewriters, photography, watercolor paintings, collages, making mix tapes, biking and exploring NEPA, going on random adventures, pop art, power pop music, singing in the shower, using coffee for a food substitute, Photoshop, and the way my eye color changes with my mood.

+ I hate unclosed doors, curfews, crowds of people, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, misspellings and gramatical mistakes, one-track minds, stale food, closed-minds, missing fencing class for any reason, drugs, alcohol, .gif compressions that leave nasty pixilation, and stupidity.

I claimed the following things at hanson_claims:
1) Isaac's crotch
2) Taylor's Danny's Music Box shirt
3) The lyric "Don't go promising the skies"
4) The Pontiac GTO from the "Penny and Me" video
5) Isaac's lazy eye
6) Zac's drum throne
7) Taylor's cigarettes
8) "I love a good spankin'!" ~Zac Hanson
9) "I ate a lot of pie. I think that I ate more pie then actually substantive food. What can I say I just can't turn down a good pie." ~Taylor Hanson
10) Zac's big toe